What Is The Role And Advantages Of Airport Fence?

Nov. 08, 2018

First of all, we must first know that Airport Fence is called the Y-type security defense guardrail. It is composed of V-shaped bracket columns, reinforced welded nets, security anti-theft connectors and hot-dip galvanized blade grit nets for high strength and security defensiveness.

In recent years, it has been widely used in airports, military bases and other high-security places.

If we add a barbed wire on the top of the Airport Fence and a razor wire, it will increase the safety performance. Moreover, it adopts anti-corrosion forms such as electroplating, spray molding and infiltration, and has good anti-aging, anti-sun and anti-corrosion waiting points. Its products are beautiful in appearance and diverse in color, and since they play the role of fences, they also play a beautifying role. Due to its high safety and good protection climbing ability, the mesh connection method adopts special SBS tight fittings, which effectively prevents artificial destructive disassembly and laterally bends the reinforcing ribs, so that the strength of the mesh surface is significantly increased. High quality low carbon steel wire on the material. Moreover, the products are hot-dip galvanized and then sprayed with high-quality poly powder spots.

Airport Fence has three advantages:

1. It has the characteristics of beautiful and practical, convenient transportation and installation.

2. To adapt to the terrain when it is installed again, and the assistant link can be adjusted up and down.

3. The four-way bending ribs in the horizontal home decoration of the airport fence net, while the overall cost increase is not much, the mesh strength and aesthetics are significantly increased, which is one of the most popular at home and abroad.

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