How To Deal With The Rust Problem Of The Bullpen Net?

Nov. 15, 2018

Cattle Panels are generally hot-dip galvanized and do not rust easily. However, during the loading and unloading process, there are occasional collisions and bumps. It is inevitable that some damage will occur, and the anti-corrosion and anti-rust layer on the surface will be removed. Rust. However, these can be compensated for by simply buying a bottle of anti-corrosive paint or a metallic paint on the local paint market.

Cattle Panel is the latest skill introduced from South America in recent years. The automatic mechanical weaving has greatly improved the production power compared with the previous semi-automatic machinery. The Cattle Panel has more flexible wire, material, width and aperture selection. The products can be completely customized according to specific needs. Custom-made, the new style of twisting used by the Cattle Panel makes the net surface of the bullpen mesh more stable and even, and the service life is greatly enhanced.

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High quality Cattle Panel

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