Temporary Fence Can Be Used On Highways

Oct. 24, 2018

Highway High Quality AU Temporary Fence has been subjected to various surface treatments to enhance its performance and last longer.

The surface treatment mainly adopts anti-corrosion treatment such as galvanizing, dip coating and spray coating. The product has good anti-aging, anti-sun, anti-corrosion and rain-proof characteristics. Its products are diverse and beautiful, and can be agreed with the local landscape according to the color. Connection method: Use hot-dip galvanized clips to fasten the mesh and connect with stainless steel anti-theft screws.

The high quality AU Temporary Fence construction plan is divided into the following major steps: 1. Construction preparation, 2. Construction schedule principle, 3. Main construction method, 4. Rainy season construction measures, 5. Project management objectives and measures, 6. Safety, quality assurance measures, 7. Construction completion inspection.

High quality AU Temporary Fence is mainly used in highways, military management areas, closed hills and afforestation, botanical gardens, regional boundaries, and tourist area guardrails. Its main advantages are easy installation and fast construction.

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High Quality AU Temporary Fence

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